The Company

PRIYA FOOD PRODUCTS LIMITED has been incorporated in 1994 with aim to take over the existing business of  Priya Food Products. Priya Food Products has started its business in 1988, and at that time Sri Ganesh Prasad Agarwal was Proprietor of the Firm.

In the period of 1988 to 1994, Priya Food Products had earned good brand image of its Brand PRIYA BISCUIT and to cop with enlarged resources to expand the business of Priya Food Products, Priya Food Products Limited has taken over the business of Priya Food Products, with effect from 01.04.1994.

Priya Food Products Limited with an aim to provide quality biscuits and to enlarge its business all over Eastern India with in a span of 15 years it has quietly emerged as a household name all over the country.

Big business vision, hard and rack solid guidance of Sri Ganesh Prasad Agarwal, Chairman is the basic behind this phenomenon rise of the company. This great visionary along with a dedicated workforce and a dynamic team carried Priya to a brand name to reckon with.

Priya has quietly and calmly with its good quality and affordable price has entered into each and every household of Eastern India and now need only its name PRIYA to recognize its quality at every place.

Priya Marie Priya Nice-T Priya Coconut Priya Zeera Star Priya Milkee Priya Cream Cracker Priya Crazy Bite Priya Milkose Priya Nutro Priya Top Wanted Priya Butter Bite Kaju Priya Jack Nack Priya Snacks Priya Royal Coconut Priya Royal Butter Priya Royal Chocolate Priya Butter Bite

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