Kup Cake


Priya's Kup Cake is best for tiffin, a small tasty treat for a small hunger. Priya's Kup Cake is very popular among youngsters. With its nice taste, and good food value it is a very good choice for a small apetite.

Ingredients: Wheat Flour , Sugar, Eggs, R.B.D Sunflower Oil, Skimmed Milk Powder, Raising Agent[ 500(ii)], Common Salt, Humectant (420), Emulsifiers (491), Acidity Regulator[341(i)] and Permitted Class II Preservative (200).

Contains Added Artificial Flavours.

Kup Cake

Available in Size

Kup Cake
Nutritional Information
Per 100g Product (approx)
Carbohydrates 60.00g
(Sugar) 26.00g
Proteins 6.80g
Total Fat 15.2g
Saturated Fat 8.0g
Cholesterol 0.06mg
Total Energy 400 k.cal
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